Chris Overton

One of the unique aspects of Chris' filmmaking is that he sees the world through an enhanced visionary lens due to his autism. This perspective allows him to notice details that others may overlook, bringing a fresh and distinctive viewpoint to his work.

Like many directors, Chris’ love of filmmaking started in his early teens as a way of entertaining himself and his friends, keeping them out of trouble, but it eventually built into a passion.

He made his directorial debut with The Silent Child, for which he received the Academy Award® for Best Live Action Short Film. It went on to win over 50 international awards around the world. Chris has a wonderful ability to elicit subtle, nuanced performances from his cast, as seen in his work for Xiaomi and Huawei, the latter winning seven Lions at Cannes (four of which were Gold), eight One Show awards, three D&ADs and a Grand Prix at Eurobest.